Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This afternoon I fly to Asia. I will spend time in Thailand and Cambodia with our rescued orphan kids. I have been overseas many times and my passport is loaded with stamps from a lot of countries. In fact I had to order extra pages for it. Now, it too has expired, and I own a brand new passport!

But, my old one pictured above is loaded with reminders of the last ten years of my life. I will never forget my first short-term mission's trip and how it shaped my world view. I will never forget how it gave me new lenses for our world. I will never forget how it shaped my life in a new way forever. I will never forget how it deepened my love for Jesus. I will never forget how it gave me a hunger to see the world find Jesus.

So today, I depart with ten years of overseas experience, yet I can hardly wait to see how God will use this trip to reform my heart again. Trips like this revives, refreshes, and renews my passion for Jesus. The first hug from one of our children will level me again. And when I hear the word DADDY spoken by the kids, I once again will be recharged.

I encourage you to go overseas on mission's trips it will radically changed your life forever!

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Andy Jewett said...

I look forward to the Lord allowing Sara and I to join you soon on one of these trips. Looks like I may be in Haiti in January. Praying for you guys. Love them twice for all of us.