Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I looked a little stupid but...

I've come to the point in my spiritual journey, that I really don't care,if I look a little stupid in my praise of God.

Sunday was one of those times. We closed out our Unswayable Series, with Unswayable Praise! Jeremiah asked people to bring noise makers for our praise time. It was so much fun as instruments were clanging, beating, vibrating and donging all over the auditorium!

Then he asked us to join him on stage for the final song " Lavish Your Love." There is a line in the song that says we will dance in your love. So that is what I did, or at least tried to accomplish. I was equipped with a pot and spoon (that is scary thought in itself) and led the group in a conga line. It was, to say the least, a spontaneous silly moment, but I didn't care; besides David is recorded in the Bible with some interesting dances.

Maybe we need more of these moments in our lives, where we remove the rigidity and just praise Jesus, with all that we have! I must admit it was a joyful experience!


MarlaMae said...

Agree that we humans need to give ourselves over to spontaneous praise and joy much more often! Makes Jesus smile--I just know it!

Jill said...

The best part of this picture is that your wife is RIGHT behind you. She is a great role model! Blessings to you both.