Thursday, September 16, 2010

in my top 5...

I spend a large majority of my life leading people. I invest countless hours trying to become a better servant-minded leader for Jesus. I love everything about leadership. Yes, the Bible is loaded with accounts where God raised up leaders and asked for leaders to lead.

The Bible even records leadership as a spiritual gift that God gives to some. God has always had one man lead his people and carry the vision, so that his will could be accomplished.

So, I don't want to aimlessly walk through this life, without direction, or for that matter not follow the greatest leader to ever walk on planet earth; Jesus Christ himself!

With that being said, I am always watching, observing, and seeking potential leaders. I have listed in my mind 5 things that make a great leader, and without a doubt the one that rises to the top is this one...

... What does this person do when a child enters their room, or presence? In other words does this man blow the child off? Does this man recognize them as valuable enough to say hello? Does this man stoop to the level of the child and converse with them? Finally does this man believe that the same Holy Spirit who lives in him, could possibly be living in this child, and cause this child to say something so profound that it needs to be heard?

Jesus took time to listen, hold, and recognize children, and he reminded us often that we need to be like children. Take time today and make a child feel important, you will walk away blessed and you will probably learn a valuable lesson!

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Andy Jewett said...

weeping. how often do I fail the children in my own home... God's gifts.