Tuesday, September 21, 2010

just stop and do it

I am reminded daily how important it is to pray for someone. Just today I received a card in the mail, from a person who attended Grace on Sunday. This person stated how much they appreciated, the time we took during the service to pray for single -again people .

Think about what happens when you pray. You connect the God of the universe to their lives and you beg him to do something for them. No wonder they feel encouraged, plus the potential for something to come about is off-the-charts good.

So, I encourage you today, to stop and pray for someone. Better yet, instead of telling someone you will pray for them, do it right away, wherever you are at, that way it will happen for sure.

Someone today is waiting today for a touch from God, maybe they feel like God is far away. Take time and pray for them, you will be blessed, plus they will too.

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