Monday, September 20, 2010

Singleness is not a sickness

Lots of thoughts running through my mind today, after 3 services of speaking on this topic at Grace Community. It is obvious that married couples, whether knowingly or not have added to this lie. Sometimes it is done out of great concern and compassion, yet other times it comes from a "I've arrived mentality." Regardless, we really need to work hard at building the body up, instead of making the body feel indifferent or abnormal.

I had many conversations yesterday with single and single-again people, expressing that they were so encouraged that we took time to address this on a Sunday morning. It just reminded me that the further you get away from something, the less you remember what it was like. It also confirmed in my heart that it was God last week, who said "Jim preach on this."

With that being said, here a few closing thoughts from my heart, to single and single-again people.

You are significant, you are valuable, you are not weird, and you have a chance to accomplish way more than you realize for Jesus in this season!

Don't settle in any pending or upcoming relationship, don't believe that this person is your last chance, or your only chance, don't compromise in your purity, and make sure you hear from God before you say "I do!"

Finally, walk with your chin up, don't slump your shoulders, and stomp the gates of Hell with power, boldness, and courage. Don't let the seemingly frustration of singleness derail the purpose of your life!

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