Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Men and Women are different

I know that statement is hard to believe... But God has wired us in such an incredibly different way. This past Sunday I had some fun with that analogy by saying this.

Men have boxes in their brains and each box contains a different area in his life. We only deal with one box at a time, and we dare not let each box touch the other box, especially the emotion box.

But the real blessing for each man is that he has an empty box too. It is the box that our wives do not understand nor could they ever go to. So when they ask us, what we are thinking we reply nothing! I had some fun with this reality on Sunday.

Women minds are like a ball of string. Everything is connected, and they never cut the string. Men could ask this something about the table and out of nowhere she cries and we don't have a clue what is going on. You see some memory from the past is connected to this table that caused her to cry, so is stuff from 1924.

Boy was it fun to see the laughter in the room, as I took time to expand on this. All that to say this: we are different, lets celebrate it and not try to fix each other!

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