Sunday, September 26, 2010

sunday night reflections

This service today might have been one of my all-time favorites at Grace. And here is why?

If we truly applied the lessons that Jesus gave us in his Word today our marriages could be changed forever. It was one of those times where I knew in my heart that Satan's lies were defeated.

I was moved deeply as husbands wrote on the windows and took their wives by the hands and walked them to their cars. You see, I long for Grace Community to rise above the ashes and to be known for Christ Centered marriages.

The video that our Tech director and worship guys did was deeply moving and the Spirit of God was strongly present in the room. And I just finished small groups with some quality families who discussed how God moved in their hearts today

Some truths today that were spoken.

If you are unhappy in your marriage it is probably your fault and not your spouse..

You will never be able to change your spouse only God can do that.

Your spouse will rise in confidence and beauty to the level that you place value of them.

If you marry during the infatuation stage of love and are not aware of the other 3 stages you may wonder " what in the world did I do"

You are to love your spouse even if you never get anything in return.

Please God, may we take the steps today that were shared and truly serve one another.

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