Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy birthday Josh

Every step along the way Josh you have carried your life with integrity, dignity, and a love for Jesus. Even today as I sit at my computer and reflect on the last 19 years you have carried your name with such class.

I have loved every second that God has given me with you. From the very first day you came into the world I have been proud of you. Your relentless passion and understanding of team has surfaced your whole life. I couldn't prouder than I am at this very moment.

I am excited to see where your next stage of life will lead you.

This picture always chokes me up, as I see the name Brown on the back of your jersey. I have always been proud to say, that is my son!

Your deep desire to think things through so that you do what is right is commendable.

You have been blessed to be parts of many winning teams. And your leadership has always assisted the team to excel.

From the stands I always felt confident when you had the ball in your hands, because I knew that your calm demeanor would help the team. Have a fantastic birthday Josh! The world is yours for the taking! Go be a world changer!
This is my son in whom I am well pleased!

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