Friday, November 5, 2010

Springing Forward instead of Falling Back

I refuse to believe that we have to go with the flow. I am convinced that in order to be all that Jesus wants us to be we must set disciplines in our lives that keep us fresh. Bible reading, prayer, prayer with others, accountability, good health plan, witnessing plan, mentoring plan... the list goes on.

Once again it's time to turn back the clocks and usher in the time when it gets too cold and too dark, to spend time outside and exercise. It is a time when we could choose to go into our winter slumber. A time to gain 10 lbs, get swallowed up by depression and just go with the flow of the winter blues.

I choose to not fall back but to spring forward and attack the short days and dark nights with an adventurous health plan. I am going to run in the HUFF 10.8 mile trail run on December 18. Yes that means potential snow, freezing temperatures and cold dark training.

My daughter, my friend Kirt Hunsberger, and I are going to do some late night trail runs with head lamps at Benton .. Never done it before, but I can hardly wait! Springing Forward and Not Falling back in the Brown household!

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Unknown said...

OK fine....I get rebelling against the flow.....but really....seriously....real runners don't wear baseball caps....