Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Embryo Jesus

This past Sunday I took time to talk about Christmas from the Father-God's perspective. It was a painful loss and he probably felt great pain 9 months before Christmas when Jesus became man.

Truth be known, Jesus was the God-man in the embryonic stage. Fully God, fully man in the womb. Now go back to the events of his birth. Mary and Joseph were on the hot seat because of the whole virgin birth event. Joseph considered not following through.

Heaven was empty before the Christmas morning in Bethlehem, because Jesus was in the womb for nine months. Talk about a great reason for pro-life! What if Mary chose to abort the God-son? Plus the evidence was there that Jesus was not in heaven, if we were able to get a peek into the throne-room. This might be the best evidence possible that we have that a life begins the moment of conception.

Some good thoughts for those out there who think abortion is okay because they contend that life does not begin until the child is born! Praising God for Pro-life mothers like Mary! Any thoughts out there in blogging world?

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