Sunday, December 19, 2010

post race thoughts

As I sit here and reflect on the race yesterday there is a great sense of satisfaction. This was my first trail race and it exceeded my expectations. The morning was cold with a 10 degree thermometer reading. My friend Kirt and I pictured above were so ready for this race. We have both completed marathons and have run lots of road races. I have run half marathons and mini-triathlons yet never a trail race in the heart of the winter.

The course was tough, slippery and very narrow in spots, yet it was scenic, breath-taking and more than I hoped for. Kirt and I had trained at a much quicker pace then we were able to run. When you needed to pass someone or a group of people you just went for it and sometimes found your feet in places where only animals have walked.

There were places where the pace was literally at a crawl as people had to walk up hills so that they wouldn't lose footing. This is the first time I have ever drank warm Gatorade and warm water, but the fig newtons were perfect to keep my sugar level up.

People lined the registration tent early, almost an hour before the race started. There was such a good buzz from everyone as they were getting ready for the race. The race began with a canon firing. By the time the race ended my face looked like Father-time. My eyebrows were loaded with ice and my stocking cap had ice build-up from the sweat dripping from my head. My face and lips were numb, but everything else was warm.
I must say it was so much more fun to experience it with a friend. At each mile marker Kirt and I gave each other a fist bump. It was also fun as we reeled people in as he would pass on one side and me the other. The last mile and one half was absolutely brutal. It was all uphill, but when the finish-line was in site we crossed with frozen grins on our faces, and finished 107 and 108 out of 300+ runners.
We grabbed some quick photos and headed to the tent for some hot soup and sandwiches. The satisfaction we felt as we walked away was off the charts good. Oh yeah the shirt I received was awesome, so nice that I wore it last night to the Fairfield basketball game.
Would I do it again, absolutely yes! It was the greatest race challenge I have ever completed!

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