Saturday, December 4, 2010

the sound you don't want to hear

This morning I loaded up my gear and headed to the woods for opening day of Muzzle loader season. Snow was falling and it was absolutely a hunter's dream morning. I climbed in my stand and knew I would see deer this morning.

I am one of those hunters who only shoots bucks unless it is the last day of the season and even then I still wait till dusk for a buck. As I was taking in God's creation and the sounds of the snow falling and animals chattering, a group of deer entered my target zone. 8 deer trotted into my view, with a buck poking from behind.

I raised my muzzle loader and the Buck walked into view at 30 yards as I found him in my scope, and I began to smell tenderloin grilling on my Coleman. I waited for the perfect shot, grinned, pulled the trigger and was ready to text my wife. But the sound every hunter only wants to hear on his son's cap gun, came clicking from my gun. Yes the dreaded click, the classic miss fire, the sound you don't want to hear when zeroing in on the animal in your kill zone.

Barney trotted away as I dug feverishly for another cap. Oh well there are still 13 days left!

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