Thursday, January 27, 2011

It really makes you evaluate your life

We are in the midst of a series of messages called "I am legacy." In order to drive it home we are asking that all attendees of Grace articulate their legacy they want to live and leave behind. We are snapping photos of them holding their legacy.

We plan on making a collage on a wall with all the photos and make it place where others will come and pray over them. It really makes you evaluate your life!
As I was looking through the photos this one stood out! I know the story of Rex and I know he is living his legacy! He lost his precious daughter to murder a few years ago! As I type, I am tearing up because he is living his legacy! I pray that when others see my legacy on the wall they will say the same!
Time is short and the world needs Jesus, make the most of the life that God has given you!

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