Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Dad

This is my Dad... I was able to spend time with him over the New Year holiday. When you look up generous in the dictionary you will see a picture of my dad. He lives a simple life, his home is filled with picture frames of his kids and grand kids. He finds his greatest joy in giving his life away.

As my parents age I value each second I get with them. Because you never know how much longer you have to hug them, laugh with them, and tell them you love them. It was so good to talk life with my dad.

Each time I get to see him I always walk away a better man because of time spent with him. I love the way he finds such satisfaction in just hanging out with family. He is such a gift from God to me. It was so good to bring in the New Year with my daddy... I love you Dad!

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Jazzie Casas said...

Dads make their kids the prioritizing factor in every decision they make. They make sure that nothing and nobody takes precedence over their children. If needs be, they give up careers, homes, and dreams to be where there child is. They do it, and they do it at any cost.

I'm a Single Dad