Monday, January 10, 2011

That's it

It struck me this morning as I looked out our back window at our Christmas Tree lying in the snow; "That's it!" Seriously, 6 years of growth on a farm, surviving the blazing sun, freezing weather, deer rubs, and the selection process of anxious owners.

All of that for 4 measly weeks for it to be adorned with ornaments, lights, garland and now to be tossed outside to serve no purpose but collect some snow. You mean a flash in the pan and done?

But how many of us are like this tree? We train, study, get in shape for one momentous event. I mean we almost sell the farm for it to happen, yet we think that is the only purpose for which God has made us. After the event our dreams fade, our goals find their way to the trash and we spend our lives talking about the good ole days.

Don't let that happen this year, Jesus did not go to the cross and rescue you so that you only live for 4 weeks, 4 months or 4 years. Get back up, set some new goals, begin training again and live your life with purpose until the day you die! Oh by the way, this tree will finish its life with purpose too, as it will find a new home in the pond across the street and become home for a few big bluegill that might end up in my frying pan. Now that is some good purpose!

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