Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You always wonder

As I age I always wonder from time to time how certain friends in my life turned out; you know the ones that you spent endless hours on the hardwood with or millions of hours in school or whatever it was.

Every once in a while I will just take time and pray in a general way for all the people that used to be in my friendship circle and ask God to be very close to them. I ask him to bring healing, hope and blessing to their lives.

Today I did that, and my hope is that somewhere on this planet my prayer reaches a friend who desperately needed that extra boost in their life.

As I look at the above picture that was shot as the Fairfield Falcons were introduced last year at the regional game, I wonder how these seniors are doing? Because there sure was something pretty special about this group. I took time to pray for Micah, Nathan, Miles, Justin and my son Josh today!

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