Saturday, February 26, 2011

the reason why I do this

I am convinced that men need to find ways to let that adventurous man out of them. I am also convinced that most men live their entire lives living safe lives.

I am also doubly convinced after pouring most of my adult ministry life investing in men, that if you create an environment for men to come alive it unlocks their inhibitions and opens them up to be the man God created them to be.

This weekend a large group of men "manned up" busted through all the safe reasons why they shouldn't come and met God. And because they did we experienced breakthrough and victory.

Way to many men have let the routine of life domesticate them. They live safe lives, with safe dreams, safe homes, safe kids and safe pets. And as a result of that they find every reason to not put themselves in environments where there is risk and vulnerability.

I always love the change that takes place in the men that show up. I love the way God meets them and the bonding that takes place. They come back to their families radically changed.

Besides when is the last time you got the chance to build a potato gun as a team, rally your team to build a snow fort, stand in the woods in the middle of the night after hiking with flashlights and try to get a picture of a living animal, or have a tug of war match where you pulled the other team through a snow wall?

Plus, men shared openly for an hour their struggles in a room without condemnation and victory was given. And ended the weekend by giving public praises of their wives and writing love letters to their wives and future fiancees!

And when these men see each other in public there is a deep bond because they saw each other give everything they had so that their team could win bragging rights.

That is why I call men out and say clear your schedules to meet God in the wild!

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