Friday, June 10, 2011


Some things in life are just inevitably going to happen to you. It is just impossible to stop it. We can't stop the birthday calendar each year. We can celebrate the anniversary of certain birthdays each year, yet we can't halt the process of getting older.

Lets face it we will get older as the calendar days click off. With that comes some fun and new challenges to one's body. When I hit 43 my eyes began to do weird things like water and lose their focus on items not very far away from me. So I began to do what everyone does that faces this dilemma I extended the reach of my arms to read things better. I increased the wattage number on every light in my sphere of living from here to Asia. I fought the dreaded reading glasses for months and even for a few years.

Finally, I bit the bullet after straining my eyes out their sockets and because a 16 font increased my sermon from 4 to 100 pages. So while my arm muscles were growing from carrying that manifesto into the pulpit I was going bankrupt with the cost of paper. So I gave up, and I stopped fighting the elasticity of my muscles on my eyes and I bought reading glasses.

Ah, the clarity was unbelievable as I could now read all the warning signs on cans and could retrieve credit card numbers without the aide of a spotlight. All that to say this, sometimes clarity can only happen when we are willing to admit that our present perspective might need a little adjustment. You know the 17 pairs of lost, broken, left behind, stuffed in the chair, popped out lenses, are really worth it, even though I fought it tooth and nail.

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Kevin Noble said...

I know what you mean Jim. The great awakening happend to me when I was 43 as well. Kelli said its called presbeotic and like gray hair it is inevitable as we mature (i.e., get old). It's comforting to know when the Lord makes us new that we won't have to worry about not seeing things clear.