Thursday, June 30, 2011

It works

Each year as we get our soil ready to plant our seeds I can hardly wait to watch the plant pop its way through the soil. While it requires some manual labor and days of waiting until the crop emerges it is so rewarding because you can see the fruit of your labor.

I always come back to the Bible where it tells us that some seed takes root in good soil and grows while other seed doesn't last  because of rocky soil. I also am reminded that we must plant the seed, but it is God who ultimately makes it grow.

Short and sweet is this, there are some seeds that did not take root in my garden, yet some are bursting at the seams. But the only way I will ever yield a crop is to scatter the seed in the soil. I enjoy the whole process but there is nothing more satisfying in my mind then to see the crop harvested.

When is the last time you planted some seed in a person's life? I love those moments when you share the good news of Jesus and it takes root and grows in the heart of an individual.. Go plant some seed the picture of a human being rescued from hell will far outweigh any broccoli that you'll ever harvest from your garden.

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