Friday, July 1, 2011

Never trust a snake

If eyes could talk each one of the men in this photo have something different to say. Even the snake handler to the right of Josh isn't totally sure that everything is okay. Josh is not about to take his eye off of the serpent and his right hand is clenched. The only man who is in some control is the handler who seems to think that all is well.

I often come back to this thought in the Book of Genesis when a talking snake convinced Adam and Eve to take a bite, "Why in the world would you ever trust a snake?"

Yet, for over 4000 years we still get duped by the Enemy's lies, while he isn't dressed up in a snake outfit these days he still disguises himself in other forms. You would think that after all this time we would know his strategies and would just say I'm not trusting a snake.

Since that sin-soaked moment in the blissful perfect garden, no one trusts a snake. I just wish Adam and Eve would have taken that approach. Life sure would be different today.

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