Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cut the ribbon

Incredible incredible incredible did I say incredible! We worshipped this morning together in Battambang Cambodia with our children and all the other children there. They sang and danced for us and we were deeply moved.

The outdoor pavilion was heavy with love and joy and the presence of God. On the wall behind me as I spoke in large letters was printed Grace Battambang 2 Building Dedication. It was a dream come true for our kids and our church as we then walked over to the newly constructed building for a ribbon cutting ceremony.

There was a buzz in the place as we walked through this dream come true moment. Our house parents were beaming with joy as they walked through their new building. It was a moment that I'm convinced that God himself called the angels over to the edge of heaven and said this is true and faultless religion and led them in applause himself .

One of our kids grabbed my hand and said daddy I want to show you our new house ! Okay when a dad sees utter excitement like that he realizes that his child feels loved. So on a warm muggy Sunday afternoon in the middle of a jungle this dad felt good really good about the way his kids were being cared for. And truth be known every dad longs for these kind of moments!
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