Thursday, August 25, 2011


We are prone to be creatures of habit. We gravitate to challenges, schedules, jobs, food, and activities that make us comfortable. Yet, there are so many new things that God wants us to do with our lives. Even the breakfast above that I recently ate added a since of adventure for me. Besides, God's mercies are new every morning so he regularly hits the refresh button for us.

I get concerned with people who live their lives with familiarity and same routines. I often wonder how many Christ followers fall way short of the plans that God had for them because they refuse to stretch themselves. I have seen individuals with uber-talent slowly erode into a  life of safeness. I watch this happen with so much frequency and often wonder if it causes the heart of our Father-God to grieve.

When I begin to ponder how much our God suffered to give us eternal life, I am motivated and convicted to give my all to him. After many years of following God I am beginning to see that one of the Enemies greatest schemes is to load us down with fear of the unknown, with shivers of nervousness for the new, with a deep satisfaction for routine, and a gradual erosion of our faith.

All that to say this, "what are you doing with your life that really matters to God?" What new thing, new place, new idea, new project are you connected with that is rocking the gates of Hell? Stop right now and ask the Holy Spirit to grade your status in life. I wonder what God's status update for us would be?

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