Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get back in the cage

We are creatures of habits and statistics show us that if we do something for 17 days it becomes a habit. Now that can be good or bad depending on which habit you are repeating.

A lot of the patterns of life that we find ourselves in today are not very healthy because we often default to what is quickest, easiest, and most familiar. We rarely take enough time to refine our craft or examine our lives to see if there are ways to improve it. 

Yet many of us just find ourselves repeating the same behavior and hoping for different results. So we work longer, harder, and sometimes to the brink of a breakdown wishing that things would change, yet all the while just doing the same thing longer, harder and getting the same result.

In order to see change, we need to get in the cage and work out the fundamentals all over again. See the ball, load and explode and make sure your hands get through the ball. As in the photo above Josh is working out his swing with hopes to drive the ball when he steps up to the plate in the game. Many of us need to go back to the cage and find out what it takes to find success in our walks with God or we will spend the rest of our lives going 0-fer because of bad habits. Make it a point to today to examine your life to see where you need to spend some time in the cage to get it right!

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