Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Private vs public

We unpacked this myth on Sunday "My faith is a private matter." It is obvious that this is a lie. Everything about it screams stay away from me, don't go there and I'm not letting you in. Yet so many Christ followers live as though they have posted no tresspassing signs on their faith.

Something happens when you go public with your faith. It opens you up to accountability, it allows other to be encouraged in their faith, and quite frankly  it kicks Satan's butt.

On Sunday we gave people an opportunity to go public in their faith in baptism. We had 35 planned baptisms scheduled but at the end of each service I gave people an opportunity to be spontaneously baptized. Nothing short of miraculous happened next as 16 more  people from all walks of life took the plunge in their Sunday's clothes and a total of 51 people went public for Jesus! 

Like I said on Sunday everyone else is coming out of the closest so we might as well too as Christ-Followers. I found myself oscillating from tears to laughter as men, women and children went public for Jesus. Besides, we have no reason to ever be ashamed of Jesus. Going public trumps staying private everytime!

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