Friday, September 23, 2011

I love this age group

I love college students! I have always had a place in my heart for this age. Even when I was a young man I helped start a college and career Bible Study that exploded with hundreds of students. Out of that time God put a call on my life for ministry and he blessed me with many opportunities to reach young adults.

So this week I was given a chance to speak at my Alma Mater Grace College in Chapel for 2 straight days. My Son Josh is a Sophomore student there. I love standing in front  of a group of world changers. I love the seeing the potential right in front of me as I speak. I love how this age is so very open to truth and are moved to action if you call them out.

Over the last two days I addressed the differences between men and women and how that should play out as Christ-followers. I stressed to the ladies that they are beautiful in God's eyes and that he is enthralled with their beauty and for them not to settle in relationships.

I challenged the men today to lead, be a godly man and lead! It was so good to know that with God these truths if played out through The Spirit's Prompting could revolutionize lives at Grace College.

As I write this I am praying that Satan will not steal the seeds of truth that were planted and I am thanking God for Colleges like Grace College that are fertile ground for Jesus to work!

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