Tuesday, October 4, 2011

brave men

Movies that star brave and courageous men juice me up. They pull something out of me. Every man longs to be the hero that arrives on the scene slays the enemy and rescues the oppressed. The Bible is loaded with these kind of heroes too.

Yet way too many men spend the majority of their lives in situations that have no eternal value to them and require zero risk or adventure. They punch in each day and complete the task only to find themselves empty remiss of deep satisfaction. Yet God has called them to so much more!

When a man begins to understand that he is to fight for his family, fight for his heart , fight for his God, and fight for a godly cause, then he rises each morning ready to slay the enemy!

If you were to cut me open you would see this DNA inside of me and I want other men to experience what I do; a heart fully alive. I want to be known as one of God's mighty men who did great exploits for him and I want to bring other men into that arena too. How about you Men?

1 Chronicles 11:10- 25 

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