Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The problem with no

While running hills yesterday for my training routine for the tough mudder, I came across this sign. It was still in place after many years on the former ski slope of Mt Wawasee. This area at one time was home to the only ski slope in the  surrounding area. This was the place to be in the winter months and people drove for miles to just be here.

Now it is desolate, overgrown, and ski lifts can be seen dodging through the maze of overgrown trees and shrubs. Everything about this sign screams we don't want you here, unless you conform. It is loaded with "no's."

I have to admit as I do every time someone runs through their lists of no, what is it that I can do? There are so many better ways of saying the same things above without this list of no's. It makes me wonder if this is the kind of sign we as Christians place all over our church entrances, and homes? While we might not actually plant a sign in the ground we sure speak it loudly with our actions and expressions.

All that to say this, I wondered as I sweated my guts out running over this former ski slope, if it might still be full of people if the message they plastered at the top of slope, as soon as you got off the ski lift gave all the things you could do while you were there.

Jesus came to set us free not load us down with a bunch of no's. Ask your self today what kind of sign are you carrying to a lost world that is looking for unconditional love! Besides what fun is it, if you can't schuss while skiing.

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MarlaMae said...

Oh me, oh my--I think at one point in my life I might have TRIED schussing if they hadn't told me I COULDN'T!!

Thanks, Jim, for more thought-provoking tidbits! And Go Mudders!!!