Thursday, October 27, 2011


Two evenings ago in the West sky in Indiana we were able to witness the Northern Lights. Yet it went on without much fanfare, in fact I would not have even taken the time  to observe them, if my son Isaiah, had not called me outside to see them. To be able to see God's handiwork up close like this is simply amazing.

The things our God is capable of doing are just mind blowing. Day after day he holds the universe in his hands and never misses a beat. Yet for some reason people seemed dulled to his creations every single day and have lost the amazement of sunrises, sunsets, gravity, photosynthesis, metamorphosis, 1000 leg insects, the change of seasons and God moments.

Even more disconcerting for me is that many people all over the globe don't even believe there is a God. Maybe it is because we are not attempting anything in our lives and even more so in our churches that only God can do.

I love how often the word " NEW"  is used in our Bibles. Yet how often is something new birthed in the Church today? I love being part of new things that can only be accomplished by God and with God. I come alive when the only explanation for a movement can be answered by saying "God!"

I wonder what might happen if we took our new minds, our new mercies, our new man, our new life, our new day, our new covenant, our new forgiveness and created all things new with God? I think I know what might happen New people would be won over to our God.

I dare you to try something new for God and with God and to not be concerned with issue-Christians.But be prepared for something new as new people will run into your life and your church!

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Steve Mitchell said...

Dear Pastor Jim,
Greetings. I like what you are saying in this entry and when i got to the last phrase of it I read your warning about "issue-Christians" and it occurred to me that maybe you were referencing something specific. A few days ago, i shared some concerns on your blog about Gary Thomas and invited you to dialogue with me. I'm just curious as to whether you might consider me an "issue-Christian" and would love to chat about what that means. again, feel free to call me at the info I gave last time. God bless, Steve Mitchell, Garden City GBC