Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why are we so surprised

My experiences have shown me that the things I find value in achieving require hard work and normally cost me something. For instance a healthy godly marriage is worth fighting for. The primary reason it is challenging is that we have an enemy who is opposed to it.

So why are so many people surprised when bumps in the road surface and hardships are commonplace? The Enemy's primary job is to blow it up. Why then are so many people surprised at how difficult it can be to keep it thriving?

Most areas in life are this way, if you want to achieve something of value, be prepared for opposition. Even while running last night I encountered some brier patches, but I knew I had to run through them to achieve the intended goal. Way too many people throw in the towel and say this marriage, this job, this relationship, this ministry, this dream should not be that hard. When in reality the opposite is true.

Every great accomplishment that carries significant value to it will always be opposed and you will often walk away with scars from the battle, but the upside of defeating the Enemy is so good.

I challenge you today to not be the one who bails out when a difficulty surfaces, but to fight back and win. The satisfaction of doing so is off-the-charts good.


Kendra said...
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Kendra said...

Years back, I had an analogy of marriage in trouble. It was as though the couple were in a concentration camp. The only way out was to escape through the barbed wire. This meant, injury, pain, scarring. HOWEVER, it also meant, freedom!! Victory!!
How much more must we, in order to escape the snare of the enemy, fight the battle of our lives to escape his wrath?
The other side of the story, are those who feel safe in that camp. They are afraid to try to face the pain of change, and were willing to accept the pain of staying the same.
Nothing much of value happens these days without a cost. Look to the cross.....