Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Each year we block out a Sunday to cut down our Christmas Tree in Michigan. We try to make this a memorable experience, one that our family will always remember for the year. We travel with another family and drive way back in the woods to locate our tree. We finish the day with hot chocolate and time spent at our friends home.

This year was quite memorable as we found the terrain full of mud, which made for some fun driving. As we headed back to the spot where we like to search and cut down a Frazier Fir tree we decided to build some memories. Keith and Linda Puckett and family were in front of us in their 4 wheel drive vehicle. What happened next could only be described as epic.

Both of us decided to go all in and it made for a memorable moment. We had mud flying everywhere, in fact my Jeep is still coated with mud. I could not see clearly from the windows unless my wipers were on. As we finally got to our spot we laughed and realized that this moment would never be forgotten.

The best part was when we brought the tree back to be measured and paid for it out front. The owner was apologetic for how muddy it was. Oh if he only knew how much we enjoyed it. My family will always remember the year when we blitzed through the mud to get our tree. Creating memorable experiences are so much fun!

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