Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I always knew to be true

Team is always better then an individual. There is an awesome chemistry and power that comes when each person does his role to the best of his ability and collectively the team wins. I have witnessed this truth over and over again.

Yet I am always blessed when I watch it happen in a new and fresh way. Just recently we began a brand new men's ministry called Fight Club. It is approximately 9 days old but what has already happened in those few days is very noticeable.

Men who once were hiding are now coming alive. Men are supporting and praying for each other. Darkness is being brought to light. Fresh goals are surfacing and men are laughing, living, and re-energized in their walks with Jesus.

Plus there is a deep camaraderie developing that has been missing among men for a long time. One that is bonding us as one in Christ. To say I'm excited is an understatement. You see what I have always known for a long time is that Lions love to attack it's prey when they are alone. Yet they aren't as willing to do so when the prey runs in packs.

Stay in the pack men, together we will fight for our brothers, our sons and daughters, our wives and homes!

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