Friday, December 9, 2011

where does it come from

Stand two men in the same situation of challenge with the same tools, weapons, stature and equipment and you could end up with a different conclusion. One might run from it while the other might stand and battle against it. What is the defining ingredient that gives one the gusto and the other just the opposite.

We know that substance to be faith, yet everyone who considers themselves to be a Christ-follower can  access that kind of faith if they so choose to at any time.

I marvel at the account of Isaac and Abraham when they were called to mountaintop and Dad was supposed to sacrifice his son. I personally find that kind of faith to be mind-blowing and almost impossible when I consider my own sons and the reality of sacrificing them.

Yet what is even more significant in my my mind is that Isaac trusted his Dad enough to willingly be tied up and placed on the altar when he knew he was physically stronger and probably could have out run his dad to get away.

As I chew on this narrative in the Bible and the faith exploding off the pages my heart begs God to help me set that kind of example to my children and family. So that when they are called to exercise Extreme faith encounters they wouldn't run from it but would have the gusto and unction to follow through.

To wrap this up, I personally believe Isaac's faith came after watching his Dad live it out many times before this encounter and when he was called to the turf to do the same he immediately thought "what would Dad do and he did it."

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