Monday, January 23, 2012

driving a point home

So yesterday we kicked off our new theme for the year, Uncommon! Our desire is to allow God to do the uncommon things through us this year. We long to have an uncommon impact on the world this year.

So I wanted to drive home the point that when God's super collides with our natural that there is a supernatural moment. In order to illustrate this collision I took matches which represented the super and bottle rocket which represented the natural and let them collide. So yes we lit off a bottle rocket. And in this case, my son, Josh, helped me out.

It was a moving day as we prayed over our leadership team and asked God to bless them in a special way.

Add to that an outstanding presentation of art allowing us to see what can happen if we unfold the uncommon this year.

As each person ripped off the outer layer it was a powerful exposure of what can happen if we do the uncommon.

As I said yesterday way too many many Christians spend their entire lives in the launchpad waiting to do something yet, refuse to take the step towards the catalyst, God.

Well I do believe it was memorable and helped make the point stick. Plus it was uncommon!

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Samantha said...

Sunday, January 22 was my first time attending Grace Community Church. I've been back each Sunday since, and have convinced my boyfriend to attend with me. I hope he keeps coming with me, but even if he doesn't, I'll be there.

Grace CC is certainly an "uncommon" church, especially when compared to ones I've visited in the past. I've told people before that I'm not sure which "flavor" of Christianity is right for me, and that I haven't found a church that feels like home. After the last few weekends, I might have to change my tune. :)