Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Worship wars are gone but now we have

16 years ago when I became senior pastor of Grace Community Church many churches were struggling through the worship wars. Traditional music versus all the new contemporary music. In some circles it became pretty heated and required great wisdom and vision for leaders to guide their churches through it.

Everything was up for discussion and it often came down to a preference or a conviction among individuals . Unfortunately many were not open to taking the time or for that matter the heat to guide their churches through it. It was a great time to dig into The Bible and see what God had to say on the matter.

Many churches were unwilling to budge for a variety of reasons and others did, because they felt led by God to do so.

Today I believe we have entered that same arena again, but now it is the social network wars, especially when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs.  I personally choose to use it for good. Even the same questions and preferences are surfacing. Things like why do we need this - or I am not interested in learning this new stuff that the young people want - to why can't we just meet face to face -to just plain I'm not going to change - or this is the way I have always done it - to this will just water down relationships.

I find myself 16 years older and yet still having to adjust to the newest thing that has the capacity to reach more people for Jesus. By the way I'm not suggesting we adapt every new fad that comes along, but my hope is that we will not close our minds to this. For you see, the younger generation which is much younger than me now is using this forum to openly share their hearts plus some other whimsical things. Yet, I must be open to this or I will miss the opportunity to engage and get a front seat to their lives with hopes of pointing them to Jesus .

As you can see in the photo above we had a married couple's dance at our church this year where we danced to wii dance. I'm sure there was a day when that was a war too. And for that matter maybe some of you want to make a war out of it today.

May we always be open to do what it takes to reach the world in which we live without sinning. And may we live in such a way that we remain in touch with those around us. I wonder what the next war will be?

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