Thursday, February 2, 2012

I often find myself

I am an avid runner who enjoys running outside. I use the time alone to listen to God. I do not play music when I run and generally run alone. It is my time to refresh and refuel. I also spend time praying for people and life situations. 

As I was running today most of the snow along the sides of the road has melted, so you get to see all the debris that has been tossed out of vehicles. So I often find myself praying for the individual that dropped the pop can,candy bar wrapper, or cigarette package and so much more. You could call it prayer running instead of prayer walking.

Today I stopped in my tracks, as I saw this Vodka bottle laying in the broad daylight. Someone felt the need to throw it out. I wondered if someone did so because they didn't want anyone to know that they drank it. Was it a teenager, a depressed person or someone with a hidden addiction? I stopped, which I normally do not do, and prayed for the owner of this bottle and asked God to be close to them.

I wondered how many people do things in secret because they have no one to share it with. I wondered how many other secrets that people carry. So I wondered if there was an individual out there who has this ball and chain struggle and the way they deal with it is too drink their pain away.

So I snapped a photo and continued to run, all the while thanking God that he has come to set us free and I prayed that this individual would find that same freedom in Jesus!

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