Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On the brink

Tonight our parking lot will be filled with cars at midnight. Men from all over will be joining us for our kickoff meeting for Fight Club2. We are excited and have been praying that men from all walks of life will join us in this journey. 

While we recognize that this is just one of the many ways for men to grow close to Jesus and become better husbands, fathers, Christ-followers and leaders. We also firmly believe that it a fresh way to help men. We have learned a lot after our first chapter and have tweaked this chapter to shape it to be a better tool for men.

To be quite frank, I was in tears this morning thinking about how God could use this in men's lives. I witnessed from the front row last time and saw miraculous life change. I saw marriages resurrected, alcoholics set free, leaders developed and deep camaraderie among men developed.

For me personally, it gave me a chance to pour into a large group of men in ways I could have never done in such a short time. It also allowed me to support men in their journey to become more Christ-like. My purpose was two-fold, it helped me work at my daily disciplines, but also let me help others by walking alongside of them.

We never want this to develop into an elite group or say that this is the only way to grow, but desire that it to be used to help many men become more like Jesus. 

So, as I was writing the new guidelines for Chapter 2 my heart was soft and tears were filling my eyes as names of men were coming to mind that have told me that they will be here tonight. So, if you happen to drive by Grace Community tonight and see a wave of cars heading this way, take time and pray. Pray that Jesus is glorified and Men come alive for Jesus!

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