Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blown away again

While in Cambodia I met this man one day in the lobby of our hotel. He was an employee of the establishment.

I often look for ways to share the Gospel with people and on this day it was the same. As I was waking through. I just said hello in English and the man responded back with an English word.

I then asked him if he knew Jesus Christ and he put his finger up to his mouth and said shoo... I can't talk because my boss is in the lobby.

He quickly darted outside and I followed like a bee on honey.I then asked him again do you know Jesus Christ and he said yes. I asked a few more questions and found out that he was young follower of Jesus and was just beginning to read the Bible.

I asked him if he had a Bible and he said he had a very small one that contained the New Testament only and it was old.

I asked him if he wanted a Bible and he said yes. What happened next I will never forget. I reached into my backpack and gave him my leather bound Bible he reached out his hands and they were quivering and shaking because he could hardly believe that I would do such a thing. He then said thank you five times in a row all the while shaking with excitement because he now owned and had in his hands a Bible.

In moment I realized that maybe we have lost something in America. We have lost the awe and wonder of owning a Bible.

Something in my heart came alive again when I saw that and when I read it that day , it wasn't the same. Because God's Word should amaze
us! Thank you Dara!