Tuesday, June 12, 2012

boys are the same everywhere

I have invested many hours in men. I am a firm believer that if you get the man, you get the family, you get the community, and you get the world. With that being said there are just some things that really grab the heart of boys, things that make them come alive and things that leave them dead on the vine.

Even on my most recent trip to South East Asia, we packed up some Balsa Airplanes and Lego Transformers for our boys to assemble.You should have seen their eyes when we pulled them out of the luggage, it was as if it was Christmas morning. 

They immediately began to assemble the Legos even without instructions, just like most men do. They amazed me as at how quickly they were able to assemble them. 

Even the airplanes, they watched carefully as I assembled one and they quickly put one together. Then we showed them how to fly them, oh my goodness, you should have seen the testosterone surface as they flew their own. We spent the majority of the time pulling them out of trees, off the roof, and a variety of other high places.

All that to say this, men like to build, men like to do projects together and look back and admire their work. Even on the other side of the world, these rescued orphan boys proudly showed off their Lego Transformers and Balsa Airplanes by seeing whose could fly further, fly higher and do the most dips. Boys are boys everywhere!

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