Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Living in a bubble

I had a chance recently to spend some time in a Zorb bubble. It was a very strange experience and it left me with some thoughts on living a life in a protective bubble.

* No matter how hard I tried to gain new ground I was not in control of my direction.
* I soon grew weary just trying to breathe
* I had no communication with the outside world
* I couldn't help anyone else because I was more concerned about my own well being
* It was an incredible workout to try to perform well with everyone watching me
* I was at the mercy of the man on the dock who could at any time jerk my string and pull me in.
* It would be a waste of time to spend all these years training to be in top condition only to waste it continually falling down and not getting anywhere
* When the man on the dock opened up the zipper and let me out there was incredible freedom 
* The protection of the bubble is an illusion
* I should have had a pocket knife in my pocket in case I wanted to just get out.

Okay, all that to say this, why would anyone ever want to spend their lives in a bubble? What good comes from living in a safe bubble? Christ came to set us free and to give us abundant life, not bondage and bubble houses! 

I don't plan on living my life in a bubble anytime soon, seems like a wasted life.

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