Sunday, July 15, 2012

lets stop the pollution

So today, I continued our sermon series through the ten commandments. We took a close look at Commandment #7, You shall not commit adultery. I stressed how we can protect our marriages from adultery. 

I am passionate about seeing marriages become centered on Jesus Christ and for them to flourish. The word adultery or to adulterate means to mar something that is beautiful, to dilute something of its power, or to pollute it.

I demonstrated how this might look. It would be similar to us wrapping our mouths around an exhaust pipe while it is running and breathing in the fumes while drinking pure water. 
What God intended to be pure and refreshing gets polluted when we commit adultery. We literally drink pure water through an exhaust pipe. Stats show us that 50-60% of marriages have committed adultery. That is just plain ludicrous for Christ followers to pollute their bodies with this kind of sin.

We need to put no-trespassing signs around our marriages and guard the gate. We need to wear our wedding bands so that we don't send signals that we are available. We need to turn the tide on adultery and divorce. 

Please God may we as Christ-followers make covenants with our eyes and bodies not to look upon another person with lust in our hearts. No more pollution!

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