Thursday, July 12, 2012

priceless moments

Last Night I worked my way away our High Five Arts and Sports Camp. We have kids learning photography, art, cheer-leading, basketball, soccer, and football. While all of these are great things for kids to improve their talents in, they still do not give them eternal hope.

Our camp is loaded with volunteers who are sacrificing their time for others. Last night as I made my way into this room the teachers were explaining how Jesus came to save us from our sins. I listened as the young girls answered questions about Jesus and  I silently prayed for them. These are the kind of moments that are priceless in my mind, because this kind of hope can only be found in Jesus Christ.

All over our building and grounds the Gospel was being shared clearly by volunteers, and children had a chance to begin a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

So, today I'm grateful for a church that shamelessly shares in a bold way the plan of salvation. Needless to say last night was the night that many children trusted in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! All praise to Jesus!

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