Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nothing like the real thing

God is opening the heavens this morning and is dumping rain on our community. Water is running everywhere, people are rejoicing and farmers are getting some relief for their crops. A Flash Flood warning has been called for our county and our streams are flowing again. 

While praising God early this morning, I looked out across our property to a bordering Alphafa field. All night long the farmer had been irrigating the land with water. All night long the water was spraying over the parched field. And this was a much needed covering for the crops.

Yet, nothing compares to the real thing, real water falling from the skies loaded with the right nutrients properly nourishing the field. God even added some thunder and lighting to give it a good dose of nitrogen. 

So as I snapped this photo while it was raining I was reminded by God that nothing replaces the real thing. That a man made instrument or plan is only a short term answer and ultimately will run empty. But real water, life giving water comes only from the real source, Jesus Christ.

I wonder how often we choose the imitation and end up dry, when the real thing is just waiting to step in and rescue us? 

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