Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the simple joys of my life

I'm not a very complicated person, I just long to live life in such a way that points people to Jesus. Plain and simple I do not want to waste my life. I realize that my days are numbered. I really care very little what others think about me. But, I deeply care about how I care for my family. Outside of Jesus Christ and my personal relationship with him there is nothing more important to me than my family.

This is the family God has blessed me with. These are the children that bear my name and my DNA. This is my wife for life and my companion and lover. So the decisions I make with my life are affected by how they impact family. I am a blessed man.

So I was pondering the things that bring me great joy with my family:
* a cup of coffee in the morning with my wife
* a round of golf with my sons
* a chance to fix my daughter's and wife's car
* a ride to nowhere on my Harley with my wife
* a laugh or two around the table at supper time
* a night watching American Pickers, Swamp People, Home and Garden Channel, Storage Wars, ESPN, American Choppers, Gold Rush, reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond and a few other channels.
* a shopping stop at TJ Max, Dicks Sporting Good, Adidas Outlet, Cabelas
* an evening in the woods looking down the barrel of my 870 Remington 12 gauge for a big Buck
* watching my kids play sports
* a jog at Benton Spillway with my wife
* a run through Turkey Creek with my kids
* hoops in the driveway with my boys
* listening to my kids tell me how God is working in their lives
* watching my wife drink coffee and intercede in prayer in her spot in the Front room
* picking vegetables from our garden
* kicking my Jeep into 4W drive in the snow
* doing the interlude with my family in our house
* hot oatmeal in the morning
* Mondays
* an answer to prayer that we have prayed about
* You Version Bible
* A hug from my wife
* A book on leadership, Men, Family
* North American Whitetail Magazine
* Praying with my wife
* mowing the Grass
* a text that says I love you from my family
* hitting golf balls in our back yard
* Need to Breathe
* Sweet Tea
* catching my wife's eye in the crowd on Sunday morning and getting her smile back
* late night talks with my wife
* Champion of the World with balls in our house
* Celebrating the wins of my kids
* and so much more

Thanks God for my family, you gave me the absolute best when you gave me Anne, Josh, Hannah and Isaiah

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