Wednesday, July 11, 2012

passing it down

One of my primary desires in life is to leave a godly legacy. I long to live way beyond my death in the the lives of others. I long to pass on anything good that God has blessed me with. I long to literally come to the end of my life and have people stand at my grave and say he gave it all away. I do not want to go to the grave with some inside scoop in business, family, or ministry that could benefit others.

So, I work hard at pouring into others. Besides, I have been poured into by many godly men and women. 

But it begins with my kids. I try to live out the principles in Deuteronomy 6:6-7 where as parents we are encouraged to teach our kids as we go along the way. So, I often pull my children into my world and connect God to life in teachable moments. As you can see in the photo above. Josh was coaching alongside of me many years ago at soccer camp. I was trying to model how to do that in front of him
This week, Josh, Hannah and Isaiah are coaching at our basketball camp together. So, when I see this photo of them pouring into the lives of  other kids, it does my heart well. I love this photo because they are passing on what has been passed onto them.

Thanks God for my children investing in the lives of  other children and passing down what has been passed down to them.

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