Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Every person has to find a way to recharge themselves. We can only go so long until we run on empty. 

This week has given me a chance to recharge my batteries. I have spent the week at Vision 2020 West Leaders Conference. I have sat at the feet of men who have filled me up with their words from the Bible. I have sat with friends and colleagues in Ministry and prayed with them. I have listened to reports as to how God is working in our churches across the world. I have heard the story of a relentless disciple who died taking the good news to Libya. I have had the privilege of sitting in a breakfast with a real world changer. I have had many early morning runs in the the beautiful creation of Palm Springs. I had the opportunity to speak in  sessions on things that I am deeply passionate about, Family, Leadership and Men. I have had the privilege of releasing our Fight Club Resource and then watch other men of God purchase it for their ministries. I have strolled around on the golf course with my son and witnessed roadrunners in the wild. I have spent some time  in the resort's swimming pool. I have spent quiet time reading God's Word and the Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge. I have had a chance to pour into other men and encourage them in their ministries. I have worshipped through singing with tons of other believers. I have shared my faith with technicians, clerks and others. I have ... 

But what has been the most refreshing thing for me has been sitting around the room at night with my family and watching the Olympics, eating together, praying together, debriefing about our day, laughing together, traveling across the desert and stopping to grab a picture by a cactus, scaling the mountain on the tram, and doing life together.

It has been as refreshing as I look as I walk in the waterfall pictured above at the pool. Everyone needs to recharge so that they can relentlessly carry the good news of Jesus to the Nations!

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