Wednesday, August 15, 2012


There is nothing like experiencing something for the first time. In fact you can never truly duplicate a first time encounter  Everything about it is new, fresh, and sometimes life-changing.

As I was boarding this jet in Phoenix last week we were asked to board from the rear. I have flown many times, in fact my passport had to be replaced because it was full and stamped from all over the world. Yet I have never boarded a jet from the rear. 

As I walked up the steps a few thoughts raced through my mind:
* This is brilliant
* Why don't more do it this way
* This is faster
* I don't have to wait for all the people putting luggage away in aisle 3-25
* I like the way this airline thinks

I like recreating events. But I love fresh new creative first-time thoughts and experiences. I hope that I will always be a person who is able to create new and fresh experiences with God and for God.
Besides, God does this every morning, His compassions never fail and his mercies are new every morning!

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