Tuesday, August 21, 2012

trust and obey

These days I am getting a great opportunity to raise my level of trust in God. These kind of times are a great way to grow in your confidence in the Lord and for courage to surface.

We dropped off our daughter Hannah this weekend at Grace College. After a full weekend of orientation and some final goodbyes we were given the chance to let her go and plant some new roots and to soar on her own. It was a bitter-sweet time as we drove away, but we had full confidence in the Lord that he would guide her steps. Yes, the home is a little different and we no longer have her beautiful, smiling face walking through the hallways at home, but it is so very good for her and us. We get to trust in the Lord.

While things with my mom back home are new and challenging as she faces new days ahead with the early stages of Alzheimer's we get a chance to trust in the Lord. The good news is that God has a perfect plan and has already seen the future and worked it out for good. I have learned through the years that it is a waste of time to worry about stuff that God already has figured out. So I have chosen to give it to him and trust and obey.

The really cool thing about this type of living is that you find yourself in precarious places where others might not dare go, because you just trust and obey!


Christian Becker said...

Thanks for this, Jim. Going thru some real trials in our ministry. Hope it's OK for me to borrow the last 3 sentences of your blog!

Jim Brown said...

Go for it Chris!and I just prayed for you!