Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's all Good

Recently, I was traveling back East to care for my mom. These kind of trips always give you ample time to pray, ponder, reflect, and refuel. As I listened to the Bible for a few hours on Audio Bible, and cranked some  worship music, I was equipping myself  for what was ahead. 

During these road trips God often speaks clearly to me. Yet, as I was about to exit off the toll road at Breezewood this sign to the right was there waiting for me. But, to be quite honest, I was more focused on the road sign in front of me, as I snapped off the photo, that I totally missed the sign to the right.

I actually didn't see the "it's all good" sign till later when I looked at the photo again. I find that pretty normal though for us as Christ followers. We can get so tunneled focused  to the thing we are chasing down and consumed with it, that we miss the signs that God is sending to us. 

I wonder how many times this day God wants to tell you,"its going to be okay", "I've got your back", "it's all good", yet we will miss it? Take your eyes off of "the thing" and look to Jesus, he has your back covered!

God promises to turn it into something good and from time to time we need to be reminded of that! And maybe this blog entry is your sign today!

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