Monday, September 3, 2012

on the eve

Tomorrow Night we kick off our 3rd chapter of Fight Club for men at Grace Community. There is quite a buzz in my circles with men waiting for the next chapter to start.

As I look over this past year and reflect back to all the changed lives that have come as a result of Fight Club, I am speechless. By God's grace, Fight Club has gone international and national in other venues. 

I will never forget the opening night to Chapter 1 when 400 men showed up because they wanted to be part of something new for men. I remember thinking as men kept coming that we were way over our heads. I even remember thinking that I had some serious work to do in the weeks ahead. But, I remember thinking that God was up to something big, and that he longed to see men come alive too, so he would show us the path to travel. 

Well now, some 9 months later I am incredibly blown away by what God has done in less than a year. God came through and radically changed many men's lives. The stories of changed lives could fill up books. But, when I see how it has impacted my own life and my son's life above I get teary-eyed. For you see, right now someone's father, husband, brother, or friend is about to link arms with other men for 12 weeks and have his own life radically changed.

Many have asked me why they should join Fight Club. Some have told why they don't need to join. Many have chosen to pass on the opportunity to be part of Fight Club. So I will say this again, right now there are many men winning individually as a father, husband, brother, and friend. But, there is nothing like winning as a team with hundreds of other brothers and sharing the victories with them. You see, when I get a front row seat to another man's victory and witness his family walk with him at our graduation ceremony, I am deeply moved!

So, right now my heart is skipping a few beats, anticipating all the wins I get to share in with other FC men! Hoorah! I much rather win as a team then to win as an individual it creates incredible brotherhood that bonds, forges, and cements us together in a special way! 

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