Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What if

What if, "what ifs" iffed!

What if we lived to our redemptive potential 50% more of the time then we do now?
What if we didn't let fear stop us from becoming the man or woman that God created us to be?
What if we made the disciplines of Prayer, and Bible reading a daily thing?
What if we made healthier choices in our nutrition intake?
What if we developed a regular exercise routine?
What if we regularly prayed  with each other as Husbands and Wives?
What if we asked God what he thought we should do before we did anything?
What if we were viable part of a healthy Christ-centered local church and served alongside of others?
What if we held our possessions loosely and lived lives of generosity?
What if we set our pride aside and were willing to find the good in other people?
What if we stopped condemning and judging people and extended grace and mercy more often?
What if we we really prayed for people after telling them "I will pray for you"?
What if we lovingly, unashamedly, boldly, and gladly shared our faith with others?
What if we admitted our sinful struggles and hidden secrets to a trusted friend so they could keep us accountable?
What if we encouraged others more?
What if we listed to the whispers of the Holy Spirit and acted on them?
What if we forgave those that have wronged us?
What if we lived courageously?
What if, we iffed?

Those are the kind of things I think about as I lead others! Those are the kind of roads my mind travels down as I dream of what is ahead! Those are the kind of things that could change the world!

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